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Project Description

Digital Ikigai built the theme and took sales from $0 to 5 figures pretty quickly.


Traffic:  Send quality traffic from Facebook and Instagram and help build their social media followers.

Development:  Customize the Retina theme and make it super optimized for mobile without dropping conversion rates.

Revenue:  Drive paid traffic from Facebook and Instagram and convert it into sales.

The Challenge

Sarah Tatum had no website, sales or social media followers before working with our team so it was a blank canvas.

Our Solution

The budget was a big factor in this project so we improvised with the Retina theme from Out Of The Box. We know this is super mobile optimized and with a few tweaks – we could make it convert well.

We started with a Page Like campaign and scaled it up from there. This included building custom audiences off all website visitors, page followers, anyone who engaged with a post or ad and so on.

The results were excellent and our client is extremely pleased with the work.

The Sooner You Start, The Sooner You See Results