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Project Description

Cafe Del Mar is the number #1 bar/beach club in Phuket, Thailand.

They wanted Digital Ikigai to drive more targeted leads from Facebook and Instagram whilst promoting some of their best DJs, offers and menus.


Traffic:  Drive targeted traffic from Facebook and Instagram.

Development:  Build their 2-step funnel on ClickFunnels making sure it’s mobile optimized.

Leads:  Convert paid traffic into hot leads.

The Challenge

Cafe Del Mar had never run a lead generation campaign so they needed our marketing and strategy help.

They weren’t sure who their prospects were or how to find them with Facebook and Instagram.

Our Solution

The first task was to build a 2-step funnel. We used a template we know works well and converts at around 30%.

Next, we focused on the offer. We needed something enticing to get our prospect’s attention so we came up with a free pickup anywhere on Phuket Island and 20% off the a la carte menu if they call Cafe Del Mar now.

We targeted tourists, families, honeymooners, expats living in Thailand and Millenials who want a good time and great deals.

To date, we’ve generated 10,000+ leads and we’ve increased the number of customers going to Cafe Del Mar.

The Sooner You Start, The Sooner You See Results