Our Top 5 Landing Pages For Gyms

//Our Top 5 Landing Pages For Gyms

Our Top 5 Landing Pages For Gyms

Gyms are competitive businesses.

There’s always someone trying to offer a better deal and sometimes it can feel like a race to the bottom.

How do you stand out from all the ‘noise’ and grab the attention of your potential customers? Well, using the right landing page is KEY to your gym’s success. Get it right and you can generate 100s of leads in little to no time.

What’s the best landing page and when is the right time to use it?

We’ve analyzed hundreds of landing pages, narrowed them down to 5 of our favorite designs and why they’re so effective for generating leads to your gym.


Free Trials Or Offers

Everyone loves a great deal and nothing grabs attention like a ‘free’ offer – they literally have nothing to lose except the weight or sweat!

SolveIt offers a 5 week trial to their fitness bootcamp which is an amazing deal as its more than enough time to turn prospects into customers.

This landing page is simple with a big ‘call to action’ (CTA) button. They use urgency below the CTA button which improves the click through rates.

Don’t be fooled by simple landing pages. We’ve built and tested 100s and the simple pages always come out on top.

A great offer + simple copy + urgency = leads.


Free eBook Or Lead Magnet

A free lead magnet or ebook is a great way to generate leads. As mentioned, people love free stuff and you can build authority by positioning yourself as the expert too.

The headline is great because the number 7 stands out and most fitness enthusiasts can handle 7 routines. It’s not a big commitment.

This gym is exchanging value for value so prospects get the ebook in exchange for their name and email address. As the famous saying goes, “the money’s in the email list!”. After you build a sizeable list, you can market future products and services.

If you didn’t know – email has the best return on investment (ROI) of all the marketing platforms.


Video Landing Page

Although this is similar to the free bootcamp landing page – MSB Gym is using a video to persuade their prospects to signup and claim the free 5 day gym pass.

Video works great because gyms are physical places so it’s an opportunity for you to introduce your personal trainers, gym equipment, fitness programmes and so on.

It’s a great and cost effective way to promote each location and built a relationship. Remember, people buy from people.


Free Webinar

This is definitely our favorite type of landing page.

It works on so many levels because a fitness plan is something that has to be seen so what better way to generate leads then to offer a free webinar from one of your workout experts?

The webinar doesn’t have to be live either. There are services that let you pre-record the content which means you can focus on converting your webinar attendees into paying customers.

This is a simple page with a clear CTA too.


Free Video Workout Plan

This is a similar approach to the webinar except you can pre-record the videos and offer them to anyone who signs up to your email list.

A great way to keep your email list engaged is to ‘drip feed’ the workout plan. That means send the video or PDF every day for 7 days.

Think how your favourite TV show keeps you hooked? They tease you with what’s coming up next time and you can do the same with your email list.

Again, the headline uses an odd number: 7 which grabs your attention. The persuasion copy is simple and the background color catches the eye too.

There you have it. Our top 5 landing pages for gyms and why they’re so effective at generating leads. If your campaigns aren’t working – try using one of the above and turn your clickers into buyers.

Thanks for reading.


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